Welcome to SEC-T.chat
This is an experiment, let's see how this goes...

We really want SEC-T to have a conference wide chat with privacy.

So let us present Matrix: an open source, federated, self-hosted alternative to:
Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Discord, IRC and so on...

You can register an account (only open during SEC-T) anonymously.
All we require is a unique username and a password.

Therefore this service will probably not even reach "Tillitsnivå 1, aka LOA 1". ;)
"Would you like to know more?" : digg.se, svenska tillitsnivåer

Infosec Legal stuff
This server is hosted on a Swedish Cloud Vendor (GleSYS Stockholm) so Cloud Act, Shrems-II and all those are OK. If you would set it up like we did - at your workplace - it might just be the safest chat option there is.

GDPR text:
Register with whatever credentials you like.
We wont verify, we can't verify, so you'll be anonymous. So even though you could mail dpo at sec-t dot chat and "request to be forgotten" we have no way of knowing if you really say who you are. However, you can login and remove your account yourself.

If you add an email address to your account, we might (later) be able to at least verify that your email controls your account. Maybe. Later.

E-Mail : info at sec-t dot chat
Matrix : #info:sec-t.chat